South Mawlamyaine 1 Day Tour


 Mawlamyine has many good sightseeing spots in the suburb. This tour goes to these places.

 Mawlamyine has good sightseeing spots in the suburb more than Mawlamyine City. And it is difficult to go to these places for foreigners, so we made this tour course. This tour goes to these good places. Kyaikkhami Pagoda, Pa-Auk Forest Meditation Center, Reclining Big Buddha, Sitting Big Buddha, World War 2 cemetery and some pagodas. You will enjoy Mawlamyine and be satisfied.

Kyaikkhami Pagoda

High Tide

Low Tide

 Kyaikkhami Pagoda is located along the sea. The pagoda is chagned by the tide. When it is low Tide, you can go to small pagoda in the sea, but high tide cannot .

The Tour Price is US$ 45


  1. If the customer is only One person, the price is US$ 45. (We are sorry, Just one person, Not the Promotion Price.) The promotion Price (US$ 35) is from 2 customers.
  2. Of course, you can cancel the tour, if the customer is only one person.
  3. The Price of The Mawlamyine 1 Day Tour Course is included, Lunch and The Entrance Fee of Hot Spring in Thanbyuzayat. (Not included Dinner.)
  4. It is possible to pay by Myanmar Currency. The price of Myanmar Currency is depends on the Exchange rate. (The Basis is US$)
  5. This Tour uses  a Truck Bus.

South Mawlamyine One Day Tour Rote

Pick up Time  
Departure Time
8:00 am

Pa-Auk Forest
Meditaiton Center


Khat Ya Khat Yu Pagoda.
(Sitting Big Buddha)

Lunch Time

Mon Food Restaurant

World War 2 Cemetery

Yae Le Pagoda

Hot Spring

Bin Hlaing Pagoda

Mawlamyine Arrival Time
6:30 pm



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